No More Fear

For dogs who are terrified of having their nails trimmed. We’ll have short visits once or twice a week, to help them get used to the whole process, in a more relaxed, slow fashion. We’ll find out what helps them feel more comfortable, and ease them into it. You dog will be the only one in the shop, and will get all the time and attention they need.
For once-a-week visits: $20/week
Twice-a-week visits: $30/week



PlaqClnz is a zinc-based, easy-to-use pet oral health care gel that protects pets’ mouth, teeth, and gums from halitosis (bad breath), tartar, plaque, and gingivitis. Just a few drops inside the pets’ mouth is simple to apply, with no brushing required. Used regularly, it keeps pet breath fresh and defends against the beginning stages of periodontal disease which can lead to even more serious, expensive pet oral health problems.
• All natural ingredients including zinc and taurine (an amino acid)
• Non-anesthesia alternative to pet dental cleaning procedure.

• Taste-free formula

Procedure: We gently scrape tartar from teeth and flush the mouth with PlaqClnz Oral Irrigator during the bath to remove plaque and debris.

In order to maintain your dog’s healthy teeth and gums, owners will need to buy an enzymatic tooth paste or gel to apply to pup’s teeth. We recommend PlaqClnz or Tropiclean Teeth Gels. No brushing is required, but it can help to loosen plaque and tartar.

Frequent Bath Discount

If your dog requires extra frequent bathing, and it’s just too much for you to handle, or you’d just like that professional touch, Magic Paws has a discount for a Bath & Brush once every week, or every 2 weeks!
Once a week discount: 15%
Every 2 weeks discount: 10%